How to write a college research paper?

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1. Installation consultation

You can learn from the teacher the requirements for the design of the work, get acquainted with the main features and difficulties of working in the chosen direction, criteria for evaluating research.

2. The choice of topics

Identify the problem and subject of future work, choose the object and subject of study.

Try to put forward a hypothesis, to formulate the purpose and objectives of the work. Determine what methods and techniques of research you will use in your work.

3. Consultation

Show the teacher the results of your independent work, if there are difficulties, ask for help. In this consultation, you must clarify the essence of the scientific problems; clarify the parameters of the topic.

Together with your manager, make an approximate plan of a college research paper, which will identify the main areas of work and the timing of their implementation. Pay attention to the recommendations of the teacher regarding the most relevant literature, as well as advice on the proposed structure of the work.

4. The study of literature on the subject.

Pick up the literature on the topic under study; get acquainted with its content. When reading literature, highlight the main ideas and statements, evidence, arguments, and conclusions, to focus on them then.

Categorize the statements made when reading the sources in question, using bookmarks, mark the most significant places or make extracts.

Analyze the collected material, think and draw general conclusions.

5. Drafting the body of rough materials

Make a work plan.

If the work involves an experiment, pay attention to the timeliness of its implementation! The experimental part of the work should logically flow from the theoretical, and the results of the practical part should be processed and given in the work in full.

Form a compact text with all the important semantic shades and the preservation of the logic of a  college research paper thought. The text should find a place presentation and systematization of all the materials studied by you, as well as your concept.

6. Consultation

At this stage, the work supervisor will check the draft version of the work, draw your attention to errors, shortcomings, and suggest ways to eliminate them.

Together with the teacher, you will correct the topic, goals, and objectives of the work.

Do not forget to clarify with the manager the rules for the design of the work: structure, design of links, applications, references, text formatting.

7. Making a clean version of work

Make a job. Read the text and edit it. Pay attention to the presence of errors and typos, the correctness of citation of primary sources, the correctness registration of references, observance of language and literary norms.

8. Consultation

Provide a clean version of the work supervisor to write reviews.

9. Public protection

Choose a speech style that combines scientific principles and accessibility.

The structure of the college research paper should include – the scientific substantiation of the problem, the historiography of the issue, its own concept, and conclusion. Submit the main points of your report in the form of a computer presentation.