How to write a college paper?

May 16, 2019 0 Comments

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Characteristics of the college paper

To write a college paper correctly, you should take into account the specific features that distinguish it from other genres.

Key features of the college paper:

  • The presence of a specific narrow topic that contains the problem and encourages the reader to think.
  • Subjective author’s position. The essay is distinguished by the presence of the author’s view of the existing problem, its relation to the world, speech ,and thinking.
  • Speaking style of writing. Complex formulations, too long sentences should be avoided. It is important to follow a casual style to establish contact with the reader. It is important not to overdo it, turning the college paper into a poor-quality text, full of slang. The correct emotional color of the text will give short, simple and understandable sentences, the use of different intonation in the sentences.
  • Detailed problem analysis. Own point of view must be argued based on factual material.
  •  The relative brevity of presentation. There are no restrictions on the number of pages, however, the college paper is small.
  • Free construction. The college paper is a presentation, which does not fit into any specific framework. The construction is subject to its own logic, which the author adheres to, seeking to consider the problem from different sides.
  • The logic of the presentation. Despite the free composition, the college paper should have internal unity, consistency of the author’s statements expressing his opinion.

How to make a plan for the college paper?

  • One should not strive to create an ideal plan at once. In the process, it can be edited. Making a plan when writing a college paper is not necessary at all, as well as sticking to an already written plan. The absence of restrictions and rigid frameworks is an advantage of this genre. If the author is easier to adhere to a strict plan, then you should take time to make it.
  • All basic thoughts should be reflected in the form of points of the plan. Then, in as much detail as possible to detail it, breaking each paragraph into sub-paragraphs.
  • Then you should re-read the plan, make sure that each item is in its place and sufficiently detailed.